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Saskatchewan Family Camps focus on providing support and a sense of community to families who have a child living with type 1 diabetes. At family camp, we welcome anyone in your child’s care-giving community, which may include grandparents, extended family or close friends. If there are people involved in the care of your child with type 1 diabetes, they are invited to attend.

Family camp brings people together in a way that just doesn’t happen in any other setting. Family camp is a fantastic introduction or connection to the D-Camps experience. You and your family will get the opportunity to take part in camp programming in a community of people who understand the day-to-day challenges of living with type 1 diabetes.

Join the D-Camps family

Family camp is a great fit for you if:

  • You have a recently diagnosed child and are looking to connect with people who understand;
  • You have years of experience and could be a valuable support to others; or,
  • Someone in your family lives with type 1 diabetes and you want to have a fun D-Camps experience!

All of our family camps take place in a traditional camp setting, so you and your family will have the opportunity to get a sense of the camp programming we provide for your child with type 1 diabetes during summer camps.

You and your family will most likely be staying in rustic cabins or lodges with bunk beds. Washrooms and showers are often in the lodge or in a separate building close by. Bedding, however, is not provided – please be sure to bring enough!

Each of our family camp locations is different but all are in beautiful, natural settings with forests and great outdoor spaces.

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Christopher Lake, SK
S0J 0N0

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